‘Lesbians: The Invisible Torture’ – by Susan Hawthorne (2006)

INTRODUCTION: “There are small changes afoot in laws referring to asylum for gays. But it remains inordinately difficult to find examples that apply to lesbians. Four years ago, I began researching the literature on the torture of lesbians. I was confounded by a severe lack of research. The countries in which the torture of lesbians takes place adhere to very different political forms ranging from socialist to fascist, from secular to fundamentalist. Lesbians are tortured in families, in prisons and in mental asylums…”

Author(s): Susan Hawthorne
Source: Off Our Backs, Vol. 36, No. 3 (2006), pp. 77-78

Lesbians – The Invisible Torture (Link)


‘Trans-Ending Women’s Rights: The politics of trans-inclusion in the age of gender’ by Belinda Sweeney (2004)

“The prevalence of anti-discrimination legal proceedings filed by self-defined ‘‘trans-women’’ has prompted an increasingly contested question in modern sexual politics — what does transsexualism actually ‘‘transcend’’? It seems that in spite of the 1970s’ radical feminist critique of transsexualism, the phenomena of transsexualism and sex-reassignment surgery (SRS) have proliferated considerably. This increase has, through sheer magnitude, given birth to a broad-based, international movement that is rapidly expanding its fight for acceptance and rights for trans-people. In particular, trans-women are currently claiming their right to participate in, and access the assistance of, women-only events, organizations, and service provisions.

In this paper, I will argue that whereas radical feminist campaigns have sought to break down gender categories, and thus, free women from gender oppression, the protection of gender is imperative to the goals of trans-activists and their supporters…”

Author: Belinda Sweeney

Source: Women’s Studies International Forum 27 (2004) 75– 88

Trans-Ending Women’s Rights, The Politics of Trans-Inclusion, 2004, Belinda Sweeney SOCTHEORY (Link)

MichFest Transgender Controversy…and Right-Wing Attacks: “Americans for Truth” claims MWMF endangers children – by Karla Mantilla and Lisa Vogel

“The Festival is womon-born-womon space. That means it is an event intended for womyn who were born and who have lived their entire life experience as female and who currently identify as a womon.
We ask the transsexual community to respect and support this intention…”

Author(s): Karla mantilla and Lisa Vogel

Source: Off Our Backs, Vol. 30, No. 9 (October 2000), pp. 8-9

MichFest, Transgender Controversy & Right-Wing Attacks (Link)

Love Women or Die: Are We An Endangered Species? by Alix Dobkin

“‘Diversity’ used to be code for the coming together of Lesbians from a variety of racial, ethnic and class backgrounds. But now those labels indicate the “inclusion” of “nice” men, “supportive” men, “curious” men, ex-men…”

Author(s): Alix Dobkin

Source: Off Our Backs, Vol. 30, No. 5 (May 2000), p. 9, 18

Love Women or Die (Link)


“Tsitsi Tiripano was fifteen when she was forced into marriage to a man 40 years her elder. She was his second wife and the
marriage was arranged by her Christian father. After being married for only one year and nine months and pregnant with
her second son, Tiripano ran away from her rural hometown to the city and moved in with her lesbian lover…”

Author(s): Tsitsi Tiripano and Jenn Smith

Source: Off Our Backs, Vol. 30, No. 4 (april 2000), pp. 1, 6-7

Fighting for Lesbian & Gay Rights in Zimbabwe (Link)